BLÅ Anbefaler: Sijjin

BLÅ Anbefaler: Sijjin

Sijjin spiller på BLÅ med Sadistic Intent mandag 11. juli // Les mer om konserten og kjøp billetter her

Sijjin er det nye bandet til Malte Gericke (bass & vokal), for mange kanskje mest kjent som Mors Dalos Ra fra NECROS CHRISTOS- en av de ypperste fakkelbærerne etter den første dødsmetall-bølgen.

I anledning Sijjins konsert som support for Sadistic Intent mandag 11. juli følte sjappas selvutnevnte musikkjournalist kallet til å slå av en aldri så liten e-post prat med Malte Gericke, tross alt ikke hver dag man har undergrunnshelter fra de dødsmørke europeiske avkroker på besøk!

Hi Malte, first of all thank you for doing this interview. We’re really looking forward to having you here in Oslo and at BLÅ!

Q: Have you ever been here in Oslo or Norway before?

A: Yes, we had the pleasure to be invited and perform with Necros Christos at Hole In The Sky in 2009, at Inferno Festival in 2014 and at Beyond The Gates both for the 2013 and 2019 editions.

It was absolutely great every time we came to Norway, maybe Beyond The Gates 2013 was the show which I remember the most because our performance was relentlessly brutal and the crowd went nuts.

Q: November 2021 you released your debut album “Sumerian Promises” which in short time has received excellent reviews across the board. Congratulations on the album! How was the writing & recording process on this album compared to your earlier work with Necros Christos?

A: Thanks for your words, we are indeed amazed by the overwhelming response we got for Sumerian Promises. The writing and recording process went absolutely smooth and most songs nearly shaped out of themselves over a year`s period from late 2019 to autumn 2020. After we had set a date for the recording, we went to Ekaitz` own BlackStorm Studios, which are situated in Karrantza, Basque Country. We stayed there for two weeks by recording the album`s main framework live, means drums, bass and rhythm guitar. Same as on the demo, we used full takes only, we didn`t cut or record any song in pieces. We worship Death Thrash Metal and kicked the shit out of our instruments for sure.

Q: Apart from the obvious 80s death metal bands, are there any other bands influencing Sijjin’s music?

A: No matter if already dead or still alive, Sijjin`s Metal of Death is mostly influenced by Sadistic Intent, Slayer, Possessed, Mortem (Peru), Sepultura, Dark Angel, Sodom, Hobbs Angel Of Death, Infernäl Mäjesty, Nasty Savage, Incubus (US/Fl), Insanity and Morbid Angel.

Q: Which bands would you recommend checking out that gets too little recognition?

A: Uh, definitely many out of Chile`s great scene, especially Mayhemic, Deviants, Deathwards, Dekapited, Atomic Aggressor, Ripper and Vomit. Apart from that, I would like to name Degial, Negative Plane, Venefixion and Drowned, which get far too less recognition for being such killer acts. Ah, and Norway has so many killer outfits as well, I will mention some later which deserve to being well known by any maniac into real Thrash Death madness.

Q: What are your plans for 2022, is there a new album on the horizon?

A: Definitely no new Sijjin album, but we are aiming for lots of live performances to promote Sumerian Promises, so I hope the fucking pandemic will not thwart our plans once more.

Q: Lastly, what are you expecting from your tour with Sadistic Intent, and your show here at BLÅ?

A: At first, that it will happen at all considering how the situation is. Second, I am big fan of pure Death Thrash shows without any frippery, so as long as dedication, passion and aggression are palpable and the crowd goes wild, it is all damn fine. We look much forward to play at BLÅ and hope to meet all the Norwegian maniacs on the road. Holy fuck, Norway is blessed with tons of great forces, I totally adore Condor, Töxik Death, Evoke, Nekromantheon, Inculter and so on, I hope to meet some of the guys too. Cheers to all readers and thanks a lot for the support, Death Metal takes over, Malte Gericke

Thank you for taking the time, we’re really looking forward to the show!

Det er fortsatt billetter igjen til konserten med Sijjin og Sadistic Intent, du finner de her!

Konserten med Sijjin på BLÅ er støttet av Liveurope.