Afterparty “The Duality Kiki Ball”: Betty (FR)

vogue, vogue, vogue!

Time, date & age restrictions 23:00 23+
Tickets 120,—

Etterfest for The Duality Kiki Ball med Betty (FR) + supp. emilpls aka Emil & Soldal (Kiki House of Meraki)

Come vogue!

Betty (Bonus Stage/Rinse France)

Equally fascinated by grime/techno hybrids, the UK’s genealogy of sound system culture, and Drexciya’s take on electro, Betty uses every DJ set as a way to build connections between her influences, as demonstrated by her monthly radio show on Rinse France. As the official DJ for the Paris Chapter of the House of Mizrahi, Betty also plays music for vogue dancers during battles and balls.

Having shared the stage with prestigious guests (Kode9, Mumdance, DJ Lycox among others) and gathered around her a demanding club music audience in Paris via her Bonus Stage parties, Betty has installed a trademark style which is currently grabbing the attention of venues worldwide: Concrete in Paris, About Blank in Berlin, XOYO in London, The Art School in Glasgow, Outlook Festival, Boiler Room Beijing, Cakeshop in Seoul just to name a few.