Be Dangerous! It's careful out there!

Time, date & age restrictions 23:00 23+
Tickets 150,—

Music heads!
Dress up, pick up your friends and come and be free and dance.

Us people who love house music are modern hippies. We are free and all we want is peace, love and dance. Our generation is swamped in too much information at all times, through social media and our dearest phones. Dancing is almost like an ancient forgotten art.

But back in the days it wasn’t only about the music, it was all one love everyone together. Anyone can dance all of a sudden, with freedom of expression. Dress down, not up. Converse trainers, Dr Martens, Sun buddies, smiley t-shirts and Everyone was happy to be the same.

I know it´s cliché writing this on my Macbook this late evening, sitting on my couch while watching the new season of True Detectives, but let´s go back in time and recreate the magic of Electronic music. Jibril, Mikkel and Andy are going to fill their bags with dusty records and insane tracks to get your steps on.

I´ll see you on the flipside (March 23th) 😉

Mikkel Gundelach
André Helgestad
Jibril Carter