Weird Music From Planet Funk

med Endre Dalen

Time, date & age restrictions 23:00 20+
Tickets Free

Weird Music From Planet Funk is a pun-not-pun on the word “world music”. Because we hate world music, or at least we hate the term. The term is boxifying, exoticizing, othering musics from other parts of the world than the safe Anglo-American part of the sphere. However we love music, all kinds of music. Because all music, is weird, and all music we know of is made in this world. That’s why Weird Music From Planet Funk presents just that, music from all over the globe including Europe and North America.

So at this event Endre Dalen presents a selection of everything from “All Men Shall Be Brothers of Ludwig” by German kraut-funk band Staff Carpenborg And Electric Corona – to Brazilian pseudo-tropicália, Somali disco, folkpop music from England, or India, or American or South-African underground dance music. Or none of that, and something completely else.

Endre Dalen DJ-er månedlig “World Wide Web Music” på Khartoum Contemporary Art Center og til tider “Weird Music From Planet Funk” på Kafé Hærverk og andre klubber. Endre er redaktør for Samora Forum og rådgiver og redaktør for Melahuset og Melafestivalen. I innimellom skriver han for Klassekampen Musikkmagasinet og er fast spaltist og sporadisk essayist for Jazznytt.