OFF Sommerøya klubb:


pres. Efraim Kent

Time, date & age restrictions 23:00 21+
Tickets 130,—

Monument returns to Blå after the magnificent festival in the forests of Nesodden. This time we have the honour of celebrating Sommerøya as their official afterparty.

⊱✿ To celebrate the end of summer, we will give away FREE limited Monument T-shirts and Towels to the first 100 attendants ✿⊰

The musical selection this time will be absolutely amazing, as our Swedish brother Efraim Kent has prepared a really groovy and tropical DJ set for us.

❤ As usual at our events, you can expect a truly lovely gathering of people, sweaty dancehugs, and the real Monument family vibe ❤

We are also excited to present a visual show by the talented Melissa Follestad

ID: 21
CC: 130,- kr / 100,- kr with SØ Festival Pass

Curious to know more about Monument? Our mission is to give people the best music from the worldwide techno scene and create a community of knowledge, love and engagement for this beautiful genre.

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