Monument pres. Yuka & Kalawila

the best music from the worldwide techno scene!

Time, date & age restrictions 23:30 21+
Tickets 150,—

We can not thank you enough for the amazing energy we have experienced at our last two SOLD OUT club nights at BLÅ! Now, we want to welcome you to the third round of magical beats with the two great artists Yuka and Kalawila, to kick off the dark season!

Only 150 tickets on presale this time. Vipps 130,- to 503501 to secure your entrance!

Russian Yuka is an incredible DJ. Her sound can be described as uplifting, groovy, and sometimes also minimal techno – with elements like acid and psychedelic combined into her sets.
Her style of mixing surely pushes your body into an energetic atmosphere – so expect some real deep dancing this night!

Born in Sri Lanka, raised in Sweden with an affinity for the uncertain, he draws as much inspiration from his trip to North Korea, as he does from the seven snakes he had as a child. While living in Berlin, he fell in love with techno from day one. He realised it is the most modern way we have for describing a feeling that is as ancient as possible. In his own productions he has worked hard on creating a mysterious world of texture, a void-like space in between spaces. His DJ sets are forward leaning, uncompromising, and are sure to challenge your imagination.

ART SHOW BY: Henrik Nordahl

Come dance with us among the river and trees, feeling the freedom and beats. We are so excited and can’t wait to see you there!

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