Monument 6th Anniversary

pres: Developer

Time, date & age restrictions 23:00 23+
Tickets 150,—

On Saturday, March 30th, we are proud and supremely excited to present our 6-Year Anniversary rave, hosting one of the toughest and most talented techno purveyors out there: Developer.

Known to be one of America’s most consistent techno producers, he will bring his arsenal of deep, dark and pounding music to our homebase Oslo.

Looking back at the last 6 years – we have held several memorable raves both in the public and private scene, released 200 podcast episodes, launched a now respected web magazine for techno music, and grown our international team to over 40 passionate people. We couldn’t be more grateful to have had the opportunity to build this community and getting to know such a talented and amazing group of people. And for this milestone, we are thrilled to celebrate a night of pure techno with you!

Friends, we look forward to see all of you and enjoy this great moment together.

Come as you are
No pre-sales
No guestlist
No racism
Just pure techno all night long!