Ragnarok + Mortem release gig


Time, date & age restrictions 19:00 20+
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Double release gig from two legendary bands from the Norwegian black metal scene, Ragnarok and Mortem!

Release: «Non Debellicata» (Agonia Records).

Fresh from European tour with Immolation, Ragnarok releases their ninth studio album on Agonia Records. The band also celebrates 25 years of spreading satanic Norwegian black metal.

Release: «Ravnsvart» (Peaceville Records).

Formed by Marius Vold And Steinar Sverd Johnsen in 1989, Mortem was one of the first Black Metal bands to crawl out of the woodwork in Norway, releasing the highly coveted and brutal Slow Death demo, with Euronymous and Dead of Mayhem as producer and cover artist, respectively. After the release of Slow Death the band was laid to rest as members went on the form other bands, such as Arcturus and Thorns, both of which would become mainstays in the black metal scene and beyond.

In a moment of nostalgia and a desire for something fresh and brutal the corpse of Mortem was revived, and the unholy duo of Marius and Sverd once joined forces again for a studio album. The duo are joined once more by the legendary Hellhammer on drums, and Tor Stavenes of 1349 and Svart Lotus on Bass. The long awaited album will possess the same raw brutality as the original offering, as well as fresh new elements, drawing influences from the gore and glory of those early days of Black metal.